"We felt at home from the start.. It was a delight to spend time with all of you. You are a tremendously endearing family. Thank you for your warmth"

Pilar Taibio Guijarro y Helena González Sánchez - Madrid - Spain.

"I was affected by a sharp pain in my left arm without doctors succeeding in finding cause. Knowing the benefits of the hot springs, I came for several consecutive Sundays. The result may appear as miraculous, but the fact is that the disease disappeared in full "

Jorge Tejerina - ID 8184733 Oran - Salta

"Having been treated by specific doctors and get cured in the limestone spur that I had in my heel, I came to have my first bath barely able to walk or step on my right leg. I had a couple of baths and the pain went away.  I got cured of the leg pain "

Tejerina Elvia - Age: 71 years - Oran - Salta

"We had three great days there. We did not know that the thermal baths were so good for the joints, skin and hair. The friendly and caring atmosphere even comforting the soul. Hans Psoriasis improved in three days ... almost normal skin. "

Hans Wicher & Annalena Jarna, Sweden (Sweden) - - 01/2003

I was retired for disability. As Jujuy native I traveled to Cordoba in search of solutions. In the private hospital of Córdoba I was treated by Dr. Fernando Boco, an eminence in the world, who recommended I try the rehabilitation in the Baths of Caimancito of my province, which at the time lacked any infrastructure, but were already known for its minerals and temperature.

After two and a half months, I noticed that I was cured. This happened in 1973.

During the time I was there, a young couple coming from "La Plata" lived in a tent there. The young man was confined to a wheelchair for six years, they had gone all over the country without a cure. Myself and three other people we would help into the water, wheelchair and all. One day we heard screams and cries, thinking that the boy had died, but to our surprise, the tears were of joy, because the young man was cured.

I believe that this water is a blessing from God.

Romualdo Carrizo - LC 3996283 - Tel.: 0388 4254496 - San Salvador de Jujuy

The experiences that are given below are a summary of some of the comments that have made several people in a notebook in which people who in one way or another, became part of this place. In some cases because they felt the direct effect of the thermal waters on their body. In others because they lived the magic of nature in their spirit. Your testimony can be here!